Angular directive

sra-track-map source template

This widget displays an image of the track and where each car is on the track. It also displays the weather both as text and as a wind gauge. It uses the following widgets: {@link sra-track-map-car TrackMap/Car}, {@link sra-track-map-finish-line TrackMap/FinishLine}, {@link sra-weather-info WeatherInfo}, {@link sra-wind-gauge WindGauge}.



data-sra-args-track-map-cars String A semicolon list of cars to show. If you want to see the PITSTALL and PACECAR, you must include them in this list. Defaults to PITSTALL and all cars in the session. URL argument is TRACKMAPCARS.
data-sra-args-car-text-type String Passed down to the {@link sra-track-map-car TrackMap/Car} widget.
data-sra-args-map-layer String The type of map to show, "map", "osm", "mapquest". Defaults to "map".
data-sra-args-show-flags boolean false turns the flags on/off. Defaults to true.
data-sra-args-show-wind-gauge boolean false turns on/off the wind gauge. Defaults to true
data-sra-args-show-weather boolean false turns on/off the weather information box. Defaults to true.
data-sra-args-show-title boolean false turns on/off the title box. Defaults to true.
data-sra-args-show-info boolean false turns off the track information box. Defaults to true.
data-sra-args-show-map boolean true turns on/off the track layer. Defaults to true.
data-sra-args-show-path boolean true turns on/off the current track path. Defaults to true.
data-sra-args-show-sectors boolean true turns on/off the sector dots. Defaults to true. Since 1.19.
data-sra-args-interval integer The interval, in milliseconds, that this widget will update from the server. Default is 100.