Angular directive

sra-car-selector64 source template

This widget shows a grid of up to 64 cars that when clicked, makes that car the reference car. This is a global setting and all open widgets will act as if that car is "ME".

Other Widgets and Apps can use this widget and override that behavior. For example, the RaceAdministrator App uses it to send the selected command.


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sra-click-persistent boolean true will leave the car clicked highlighted. Defaults to false.
sra-show-all boolean true to show the "ALL" button. Defaults to false.
sra-show-reference boolean false to hide the current reference car. Defaults to true.
sra-show-click-to-select boolean false to hide the "Click To Select" label text. Defaults to true.
sra-show-leader boolean false to hide the Leader button. Defaults to true.
sra-show-me boolean false to hide the ME Button. Defaults to true.
sra-show-buttons boolean false to hide all buttons. Defaults to true,
sra-show-ahead-behind boolean true to show the Ahead and Behind buttons. Defaults to false.
sra-show-reply boolean true to show the REPLY button. Defaults to false.
sra-change-camera boolean Set to true to change the current camera to the selected car. Defaults to false.
sra-change-focus boolean Set to true to change what the current camera is focused on. Defaults to false.
data-sra-args-on-click String Optional name of a function in the parent's scope that will get called when clicked. Default is to make the car clicked the REFERENCE car.
data-sra-args-interval int The interval, in milliseconds, that this widget will update from the server. Default is 1000.