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Dash-StockCars-DigitalOverlay source

This is a Dash Board App for Stock Cars with additional information for managing your race overlaid around the gauges. It uses the following widgets: {@link sra-analog-gauge-spek-fuel-level AnalogGauge/Spek/FuelLevel}, {@link sra-analog-gauge-spek-fuel-pressure AnalogGauge/Spek/FuelPressure}, {@link sra-analog-gauge-spek-oil-level AnalogGauge/Spek/OilLevel}, {@link sra-analog-gauge-spek-oil-pressure AnalogGauge/Spek/OilPressure}, {@link sra-analog-gauge-spek-oil-temp AnalogGauge/Spek/OilTemp}, {@link sra-analog-gauge-spek-tachometer AnalogGauge/Spek/Tachometer}, {@link sra-analog-gauge-spek-voltage AnalogGauge/Spek/Voltage}, {@link sra-analog-gauge-spek-water-level AnalogGauge/Spek/WaterLevel}, {@link sra-analog-gauge-spek-water-pressure AnalogGauge/Spek/WaterPressure}, {@link sra-analog-gauge-spek-water-temp AnalogGauge/Spek/WaterTemp}, {@link sra-analog-gauge-spek-brake-pressure AnalogGauge/Spek/BrakePressure}, {@link sra-car-number CarNumber}, {@link sra-flags Flags}, {@link sra-timing-delta TimingDelta}, {@link sra-pit-road PitRoad}, {@link sra-car-controls CarControls}, {@link sra-driver-info DriverInfo}, {@link sra-team-speak-talking TeamSpeakTalking} {@link sra-wind-gauge WindGauge}
LAPSTOAVERAGE boolean The number of laps to average for the fuel mileage commands. Defaults to zero(0) or worst lap.
ALTLAPSTOAVERAGE boolean The alternate number of laps to average for the fuel mileage commands. Used when saving fuel. Defaults to 2 laps.
showFPS boolean When any value is seen in the URL for this attribute, the Frames Per Second(FPS) will be shown. Defaults to not show.