Angular directive

sra-bar-gauge-speedometer source template

This widget displays speed in MPH or KM/H. It also visually display different colors around the pit road speed limit. Yellow as you approach the limit, Green at the limit, Red above the limit. In addition, there is a series of lights that indicate where you are between these states.

  • APPROACHINGLIMIT - you are approaching the pit road speed limit
  • LIMIT - You are near the pit road speed limit
  • OVERLIMIT - You are over the pit road speed limit
  • WAYOVERLIMIT - You are way over the pit road speed limit
  • SHIFT - indicates it is time to shift to the next gear
  • CRITICAL - indicates it has red-lined

<sra-bar-gauge-speedometer data-sra-args-show-digital-value="false"></sra-bar-gauge-speedometer>

data-sra-args-show-digital-value boolean Set to true or false for displaying the digital value. Defaults to true. Can be overridden from the URL with "SHOWDIGITALVALUE=false".
data-sra-args-speed-round-to double The value to round the digital display to. Defaults to 1. Can be overridden from the URL with "SPEEDROUNDTO=10".
data-sra-args-interval integer The interval, in milliseconds, that this widget will update from the server. Default is 16.