Angular directive

sra-track-map-car source template

This widget displays the car as a circle with either their number, id, initials, or lap completed as a percentage in the circle. The car will be color coded as Yellow (you), Orange(Talking/Pacecar), Green (Leader), Red(At least a lap ahead), Blue (At least a lap behind), White (Same lap as you), Cyan (Reference Car). Clicking on the car will make it the reference car.


<sra-track-map-car data-sra-args-car="REFERENCE" data-sra-args-text-type="number"></sra-track-map-car>

data-sra-args-car carIdentifier The Car Identifier to get the number from. Defaults to REFERENCE.
data-sra-args-text-type String The text to display. Defaults to number. Should be one of the following: number, id, initials, percentage. Also can be overridden from the URL parameter &TEXTYPE=number.
data-sra-args-interval integer The interval, in milliseconds, that this widget will update from the server. Default is 300.