Angular directive

sra-pit-commander source template

This widget displays a virtual car, so that, you can click on parts of the car to change settings for the next pit stop. It also displays the tire temps and wear if the tire was changed when you pitted. It uses the {@link sra-fuel-tank FuelTank} widget, the {@link sra-tire Tire} widget. See those widgets for their documentation.

If a button is Red, than means it will be changed on the next pit stop to the shown value. Clicking or Touching a Red Button will un-set it so it will not be changed and turn it Green. Clicking on a Green Button has the reverse effect, and selects it to be changed on the next pit stop. Some changes are done by the SIM, and displayed by this widget. Also, the value after pitting will depend on the SIM. For example, iRacing defaults to full service after a pit. Meaning it will fill up on fuel and change all 4 tires, etc. But that can be changed in the iRacing/app.ini file. I detect that setting and react to it accordingly.

iRacing Specifics as of the June 2015 build:

iRacing supports sending commands for Fuel, Tires, and Tearoff only. If not a fixed setup race, then also tire pressures. If you change any of these using iRacing's black boxes, I will not know it because iRacing doesn't send these to me. But, the Tape, Brake Bias Adjustment and Wedge Adjustment can only be set in iRacing's black boxes and it does send me those values. I have requested that iRacing be consistent so Apps like these work the same for all changes.



data-sra-args-s-i-m-controller boolean If true, then this widget can send changes to the SIM. Defaults to false.
data-sra-args-interval integer The interval, in milliseconds, that this widget will update from the server. Default is 100.