Angular directive

sra-tire source template

This widget displays a virtual tire, so that, you can click on it to change it at the next pit stop. If it is not a fixed setup race, then plus(+) and minus(-) buttons will appear to change tire pressures.

If it is Red, than means it will be changed on the next pit stop to the shown value. Clicking or Touching it when Red will un-set it so it will not be changed and turn it Green. Clicking on a Green Button has the reverse effect, and selects it to be changed on the next pit stop.


<sra-tire data-sra-args-tire='LF'></sra-tire>

data-sra-args-tire string One of LF,RF,LR,RR (Left Front, Right Front, Left Read, Right Rear). Defaults to RF.
data-sra-args-s-i-m-controller boolean If true, then this widget can send changes to the SIM. Defaults to false.
data-sra-args-interval integer The interval, in milliseconds, that this widget will update from the server. Default is 500.