Angular directive

sra-analog-gauge-spek-tachometer source template

This widget displays the revolutions per minute(RPM) of the engine. It also visually display different colors around the pit road speed limit. Yellow as you approach the limit, Green at the limit, Red above the limit. In addition, there is a series of lights that indicate where you are between these states.


  • APPROACHINGLIMIT - you are approaching the pit road speed limit
  • LIMIT - You are near the pit road speed limit
  • OVERLIMIT - You are over the pit road speed limit
  • WAYOVERLIMIT - You are way over the pit road speed limit
  • SHIFT - indicates it is time to shift to the next gear
  • CRITICAL - indicates it has red-lined

<sra-analog-gauge-spek-tachometer data-sra-args-show-digital-value="false"></sra-analog-gauge-tachometer>

data-sra-args-show-digital-value boolean Set to true or false for displaying the digital value. Defaults to true. Can be overridden from the URL with "SHOWDIGITALVALUE=false".
data-sra-args-tach-round-to double The value to round the digital display to. Defaults to 1. Can be overridden from the URL with "TACHROUNDTO=10".
data-sra-args-interval integer The interval, in milliseconds, that this widget will update from the server. Default is 16.