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System requirements can be found on the main page at SIMRacingApps Wiki

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Support can be found by requesting to join the SIMRacingApps Group on FaceBook, where you can search for answers already given, post your own questions, and participate in the discussions with other users. User contributed Apps and Widgets can be found in the "Files" section of the group. Disclaimer, I cannot support nor be held responsible for any User Contributions posted to the Files section.

You can also go to the SIMRacingApps Wiki for solutions to common problems. Please log any bugs or enhancement requests on the Issues Page page on GitHub.


[SIMRacingAppsServer] For detailed instructions see How to download the server


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To see what issues are completed/planned for the next releases and link to download the current BETA

Version 2.0, or All issues

What is SIMRacingApps?

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On the same computer where the simulator is running:

Clients can connect from any device connected to your home network
(including the SIM computer):

Supported Simulators

Here is a partial list of the Apps and Widgets that are included.